Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolutionsNotPolitics?

It is the principle behind the candidacy of Mike Lennick and Rob Parkanyi for Clinton Township Council. The overarching responsibility of local government is to be responsive to the needs of those in the township. When politics is interjected in the decision-making process the quality of those decisions suffer. SolutionsNotPolitics strives to provide high quality, experienced individuals, without the burden of satisfying political ends, in finding creative solutions to the issues that arise in the Council. Mike and Rob are problem solvers, not politicians.

Why are Mike and Rob running for Clinton Township Council?

“Politics at the local level are so different then at the national level”, says Rob Parkanyi. Politicians say they will keep our taxes low and our services high. But what we need to accomplish this is to have people in government with the right skills and a diversity of opinion to assure we spend tax money wisely, and not tax any more than necessary. We need the investment in our community to make our community safe, our property values strong, and our future secure”.

Are Mike and Rob Republicans or Democrats?

Mike and Rob are both long-time Democrats, but neither has ever run for office. In fact, they both have spent their entire career in the private sector. Mike, a PhD scientist, and Rob an engineer with an MBA, have spent their careers developing solutions.

I’m a Republican, why should I support Mike and Rob?

The issues that come before the Clinton Township Council are not Republican or Democrat. Roughly 13% of property taxes goes to the Township. The Council is responsible for spending your taxpayer money wisely to assure our township is safe, our roads are safe, are parks are clean (and safe).

Another responsibility of the Council is attracting businesses that benefit the people of Clinton Township and bring in taxes that offset the need to depend on residential property taxes. There are far too many empty businesses in and around Clinton Township, and the Council needs to be create an environment to attract new business.

Finally, the Council passes, and is indirectly responsible for, the regulations that impact the Township residents. They are responsible for minimizing the impact of government on our day to day lives, as long as that freedom doesn’t negatively impact the safety and quality of life of others.

These are not Democrat or Republican positions. We should have a Council free of politics, where all points of view are considered, problem solving is based on the same principals used in the private sector, and solutions are debated in the open.

If you are still worried that Democrats are not going to reflect your values, keep in mind that if Mike and Rob win the Council will still have three Republicans and two Democrats. If these Democrats come up with something that Republicans wouldn’t like, the Democrats will be outvoted. However, if bringing a different set of experience and problem-solving techniques convinces the Republican members that there is a better way, we all win.

I’m a Democrat, why should I support for Mike and Rob?

Please see “I’m a Republican, why should I support Mike and Rob?”. It’s about Solutions, Not Politics.

What is Time To ACT – Affordable Housing

– The Clinton Township Council needs to be accountable to the people of the Township and the neighboring communities. They need listen and incorporate the views of others when making decisions. They should treat each location as if it were a location near where they live, and ACT accordingly.

Competence – Decisions need to be made incorporating the opinion of the professionals that understand the ramifications of those decisions: traffic, water, sewer, etc.

Transparency – Gone are the days were tiny blurbs in local papers are sufficient notification to the community about potential zoning changes that can negatively impact our residents. Affordable Housing should not be an excuse for building and less open space. The State and the Courts give local governments a significant say in how and where to build Affordable Housing. Done right, it improves our community. Done wrong, it can be devastating.

What are Mike and Rob’s position on….

We will look at all sides an issue, evaluate the facts, and come up with a decision in a non-partisan, business-like manner. Just as we have done during our entire private sector careers. Solutions, Not Politics.