About Robert Parkanyi

Rob Parkanyi has spent his entire professional career making things stronger, safer, and more efficient, and he would now like to do the same for the people of Clinton Township.
Rob holds a Bachelor of Engineering with a concentration in Civil Engineering from Cooper Union. As such he has expertise in the design and maintenance of structures, roads, and storm systems. Rob obtained an MBA in Technology Management from Steven Institute of Technology.
As an engineer, Rob understands the importance of getting things right the first time. As a process improvement expert, he knows how to keep systems operating smoothly and efficiently. His information technology background provides him the tools to maximize the benefits from investments. And his project management experience enables him to support others in working together toward a common goal.
Rob attended New York City schools through High School. Rob has lived in New Jersey for most of the last 30 years, the last 21 in Clinton Township. He lives with his wife, Denise, who worked at the Annandale Post Office for 18 years.